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Who we are

Nextrans is the most active cross-border early stage accelerator located in Seoul, Boston and Hanoi.

Mission Statement of Nextrans
"To make a better world by helping, educating and training a talented person to create social value on timeless principle, Trust, Sharing and Passion"

Nextrans has supported more than 100 startups around the world since 2004 and started investment in Vietnam startups from 2015.

We understand that starting startup is not easy way because it is the attempt to change the world by introducing very new thing that were not there before and that's why we are seeking for the passionate founders having unparalleled execution ability and fortitude.
Nextrans is not just put capital but also continue to provide various resources that startups are in need.
To see how valuable activities are and how the roles we claim are actually happening, you need to listen to the founders of our portfolio companies.

Our Portfolio Companies



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