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Eddy (Sangmin) Hong, CEO   - 20 years' experiences in startup investment and has led Nextrans for 15 years  - Raised more than $400M for starups in Korea, Japan, Vietnam and US.  - The first advisory for the Japanese company to be listed on KOSDAQ  - Located in Seoul & Boston Office Chris (Seungho) Chae, Managing Director  - Pioneer of Vietnam startup market since 2015  - In-charge managing director of Vietnam  -Located in Seoul & Hanoi Office Stephen (Seunghwa) Jung, CFO  - More than 20 years experiences in managing company's internal affairs  - Located in Seoul Office James, Jung Yup, Hyun, Managing Partner  - Axiom Associates, Founder & CEO  - Bio & Healthcare Investment  - The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Simon (Sungik) Kim, Director  - In-charge of Korean transactions  - Lead of ad


We only recruit a person who is able to be a ceo of next entity of our missionary journey. If there are 100 people in our company, they will be a ceo of every new entity spun off from the existing one. We has no preference of previous education, career or nationality but we are finding the person who are hungry and passionate of impact to our neighborhood's life and jumping into a big game. That's why we are experiencing hard enough to find the one fits us. My role is to make a ground where my people can fulfill their role and mission without any obstacles. Our preference 1) Proactive 2) Problem-solving 3) Passionate 4) Priority of innovation 5) People's life 

Portfolio - Hyperfine

US-based World First Portable MRI - 4Caltalyzer company by Dr.Jonathan Rothberg Hyperfine raised $90 Million in oversubscribed Series D financing Hyperfine, Liminal to go public in $580M SPAC deal 

Portfolio - Tesseract Health

US based novel non-invasive diagnosis technology through eye(retina)  

Portfolio - AZ Therapies

Boston based AZTherapies  is a Boston-based life science company targeting neuroinflammation and developing novel therapies to treat neurodegenerative diseases. AZTherapies Announces Closing of $33.6 Million Series C-1 Financing Building Upon Recent $37.5 Million Series C Financing