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Showing posts from January, 2016

Portfolio - Intek Bio

Intek Bio offers the world-class desktop sized fast and easy diagnostic solution.

Portfolio - Dot

Dot is developing the first innovative smart device for the blind.

Portfolio - Mycoon

Spoon Radio is the real-time radio broadcasting platform over the world.

Portfolio - CarVi

CarVi has developed and provided the world best data-driven ADAS for fleet management,  ride-hailing and insurance companies to reduce both current and future car accidents.

Portfolio - Base

SaaS for Enterprises in Southeast Asia

Portfolio - Ddakpet

Ddak Pet is the leading online B2B goods for pets commerce in Korea.

Portfolio - Wecook

WeCook is the first and the largest shared kitchen platform in Korea.

Portfolio - Hapoom Living Lab

Hapoom Living Lab offers the innovative and remarkable sharing house no one could imagine before.

Portfolio - Payway

  Payway is the cross-border remittance platform with vast connected network.