Eddy Hong, CEO 
 - 20 years' experiences in startup investment and has led Nextrans for 15 years
 - Raised more than $400M for starups in Korea, Japan, Vietnam and US.
 - The first advisory for the Japanese company to be listed on KOSDAQ
 - Located in Seoul & Boston Office

Chris Chae, Managing Director
 - Pioneer of Vietnam startup market since 2015
 - In-charge managing director of Vietnam
 -Located in Seoul & Hanoi Office

Stephen Jung, CFO
 - More than 20 years experiences in managing company's internal affairs
 - Located in Seoul Office

Simon Kim, Director
 - In-charge of Korean transactions
 - Lead of advisory service for the startups
 - Located in Seoul Office

Le Han Tue Lam, General Manager
 - Managing Vietnam & US transactions
 - Located in Hanoi Office

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